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Haiti Project

Haiti Cookstoves and Clean Energy Market Project

In Haiti, households rely almost exclusively on wood and charcoal to meet their cooking energy needs.

This reliance comes with severe impacts on health, the climate, and the environment. CCA’s Haiti Cookstoves and Clean Energy Market Project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, will set the foundation for a long-term, sustainable market transformation for cleaner and more efficient cooking solutions.

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The Haiti Project’s Guiding Principles

CCA’s diverse portfolio of activities in Haiti is grounded in these six fundamentals:

  1. Inclusive, market-based interventions can effectively promote the adoption of clean cooking solutions.
  2. While wood and charcoal will remain a staple fuel for the foreseeable future, consumers must be able to choose from a variety of cleaner and more efficient options.
  3. As clean energy entrepreneurs and leaders, women are critical to achieving effective, culturally appropriate, and sustainable solutions.
  4. A long-term effort by all actors, including the government of Haiti, is needed to address access to clean cooking.
  5. Building on past projects and the expertise of Haitians leads to more effective outcomes.
  6. Building on the ongoing work and expertise of local partners prevents duplication and enhances project effectiveness.