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Aline Sejourne

Private Sector & Investment Officer, Haiti

Aline is the Private Sector & investment Officer for Haiti at the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA). She is a seasoned economic development program manager with 15 years of experience in the global non-profit industry. She started her career at the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), working as a microfinance researcher and focusing on consumer protection and microfinance regulations in Western Africa. She moved to Haiti in 2010 where she worked with micro, small and medium enterprises around the country, providing technical assistance to support their growth, including in the clean energy sector. She has worked with several NGOs in Haiti, leading economic recovery and resilience programs. In her different positions, she had the opportunity to partner with several international donors and Haitian ministries, and start up and grow an innovative network of private and public sector stakeholders in the disaster-resistant construction sector. Aline has expertise in social entrepreneurship, and capacity building. She holds a master's degree in Business Management from Université du Maine, France.