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CLEAR Methodology

The commenting period for the new methodology is now open.

Over the last year and a half, the CCA-led Clean Cooking and Climate Consortium (4C) has led a sector-wide effort to develop a new methodology for crediting emissions reductions from cookstove projects. The Comprehensive Lowered Emissions Assessment and Reporting (CLEAR) Methodology for Cooking Energy Transitions is the first-ever methodology to be applicable to all cooking transition scenarios, including metered and non-metered fuels, which will eliminate the need for multiple methodologies for cookstove carbon projects. This new methodology is intended to become the standard for cookstove projects under the Paris Agreement (Articles 6.2 and 6.4) and the voluntary carbon market.

Please find here the draft CLEAR Methodology, an accompanying calculator tool, a commenting template, and an Explanation of Decisions document. For the calculator tool, be sure to unblock the file and enable macros to ensure full functionality of the tool.

To comment on the CLEAR methodology, please download the methodology and commenting template. Please enter comments and suggested edits into the commenting template in accordance with the instructions provided. Please submit the completed commenting template in Word (not PDF) by email to (and CC: to by Friday August 2, 2024. Comments submitted outside of the commenting template will not be considered.

Please submit any clarification questions you have on the methodology at this link.

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