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Clean Cooking Support Act

Statement of Support for Legislation to Accelerate Access to Clean Cooking

We, the undersigned organizations, affirm our support for the Clean Cooking Support Act, a bill that would help accelerate access to clean cooking globally. Our organizations represent a diverse coalition, including businesses, research institutions, advocacy organizations, and individuals, committed to clean cooking and the full range of benefits it can deliver for people and the planet.

Since 2010, more than 400 million people have gained access to clean cooking fuels and technologies, with more than 4.6 million lives saved from harmful health impacts attributed to household air pollution, according to the World Health Organization and Health Effects Institute.

However, despite these significant achievements, the pace of progress remains far too slow. The bipartisan Clean Cooking Support Act introduced this week would help accelerate progress, bolstering U.S. government support for clean cooking financing, research, innovation, standards, women’s empowerment, emissions reductions, and more. The bill would also establish an interagency working group across government agencies to oversee the planning, management, and coordination of clean cooking initiatives, while also authorizing funds to be appropriated through 2027 as necessary to carry out the bill.

We applaud the bill’s cosponsors for stepping up and taking action to address this critical issue, and we encourage other organizations to join us and to encourage their elected representatives to join our efforts to ensure no one’s life is limited by how they cook.


Acacia Innovations
Africa-Europe Foundation
African Clean Energy
Aprovecho Research Center (Oregon State University)
ATEC* Biodigesters
Berkeley Air Monitoring Group
Better World Campaign
Boston College Global Observatory of Pollution and Health
Burn Design Lab
BURN Manufacturing
Clean Cook Africa
Clean Cooking Alliance
Climate and Energy Advisory Ltd
D&E Green Enterprises
Emerging Cooking Solutions
Enabling Qapital
Envirofit International
Every Breath Counts Coalition
Ferre Haiti
Global LPG Partnership
Global Women’s Network for Energy Transition
Gold Standard
Government of Kenya
Government of Sierra Leone
Haines Solar Cookers, LLC
Haiti Propane
Heifer International
Home Biogas
Icuga Women’s Health Organization
Jumuiya Women Fund
KOKO Networks
Lowercarbon Capital
Modern Energy Cooking Services
Mimi Moto
Mom’s Clean Air Force
Mwangaza Light
Palmis Eneji
Partners in Sustainable Development
People, Energy and Environment Development Association
Pivot Energy
Project GAIA
Public-Private Alliance Foundation
Pure Earth
Shell Foundation
Solar Cookers International
Student Energy
Sun BD Corporation
Sustainable Energy for All
Switch Haiti
Terminal Propane
The Energy Nexus Network
The Fusion Experience Kenya Limited
Third Stone Design
Tropical Lounge Haiti
United Nations Association of the USA
University of Chicago Center for Global Health
Value for Women
Vital Strategies
Women Development Centre
Whitten & Roy Partnership
World Central Kitchen
World LPG Association
Xpress Gas Limited