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Emerging Initiatives

Through the Systems Strategy development process, stakeholders have identified a set of Initiatives that the ecosystem needs to invest in today to drive meaningful action across the four pathways of the Strategy Framework.

These Initiatives harness existing efforts underway and create new solutions to drive sustained results over the coming decade, together unlocking a new trajectory for clean cooking to help deliver the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

These Initiatives are starting points for action. The Strategy requires collaboration and active participation from partners within and outside the clean cooking ecosystem to test and co-create these Initiatives and bring the Strategy to life. Through implementation, some Initiatives may evolve as additional partners contribute to this process. As the steward of the Strategy, CCA remains committed to following an inclusive approach through implementation and as new opportunities emerge.

“This is the right time for the Systems Strategy to guide national plans and elevate clean cooking as an important opportunity to deliver urgently needed climate, health, and economic outcomes through true collective action.”

Dag-Inge Ulstein
Minister of International Development at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs