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Systems Strategy Framework

The Strategy Framework articulates a shared vision and path for accelerating progress towards universal access as a collective ecosystem.

The Strategy Framework includes: three Principles, four Pathways, three Enablers, and a set of specific Initiatives that the ecosystem needs to invest in today.

Together these components represent a bold vision for achieving universal access. Working with partners across the ecosystem, the Clean Cooking Alliance is co-creating and launching a number of these Initiatives and invites all interested collaborators to join in bringing this Systems Strategy to life.


Three guiding principles inform all of the complex choices and strategic trade-offs called for in the Systems Strategy.


Four interconnected pathways define the key areas where transformation is required to achieve universal access to clean cooking.

Pathways to achieving SDG7 by 2030

Transforming the energy ecosystem to better serve the cooking needs of households and institutions requires making significant and sustained progress across four critical and interconnected pathways. Success will require bold leadership by champions within government to drive implementation of comprehensive national cooking transitions that are centered on user needs and aspirations, as well as policies and investments that promote both market-based and non-market-based solutions.


Three enablers speak to the mindsets and collective resources needed to accelerate progress towards universal access. The solutions proposed in the Strategy are grounded in one or more of these enablers.