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Jean-Louis Racine

Chief Program Officer

Jean-Louis Racine is the Chief Program Officer at the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA). He manages the Market Strengthening team as well as the overall development, strategic planning, implementation, and management of CCA's work in Haiti.

Prior to joining CCA, Jean-Louis worked at the World Bank where he led infoDev’s Climate Technology Program and was involved in the design and implementation of ecosystem-level initiatives to build new markets for climate change technologies. At the World Bank, Jean-Louis also worked with numerous governments to develop and deploy strategies, policies and programs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Jean-Louis has focused much of his career around organizational innovation and launched a corporate accelerator for World Bank and International Finance Corporations teams to develop novel support instruments for green innovation. Before joining the World Bank, Jean-Louis worked in a private consulting practice and startup foundry where he advised regional governments and businesses on innovation-based competitiveness strategies. His practical experience with technological innovation involves working on product design and engineering in sectors spanning rural micro-hydropower, hydraulic systems, medical devices and robotics in various countries. Jean-Louis holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering a from the University of California at Berkeley, and Master's degrees in Technology Policy for Economic Development from Columbia University and in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

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