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Supporting Fair Policies and Protocols

Building better market information, tools, and infrastructure to improve decision-making, reduce transaction costs, and increase productivity for investors, outcome buyers, and funders.

Calculating accurate baselines

Determining accurate baselines underpins a project’s credibility of claimed emissions reductions.

CCA has the following capabilities: 

  • Accounting for context: Factoring in locally appropriate parameters like historical averages, values for fraction of non-renewable biomass estimates, and emissions performances of available technologies to tailor baselines to local contexts. 
  • Setting baselines: Benchmarking proposed baselines against the performance of top-performing technologies.  
  • Incorporating standards: Integrating ISO stove test results into carbon offset methodologies. 


Setting realistic targets

Assessing how different technologies, fuels, programmatic capacities, and local contexts impact the potential magnitude of emissions reductions that can be claimed from a project. 

CCA has the following capabilities: 

  • Setting objectives: Determining an appropriate range of realistic emissions reduction targets to come from a project and documenting the key assumptions that underpin the different scenarios. 
  • Benchmarking performance: Identifying key performance indicators that can be used in the interim to formally estimate CO2e reductions while measurement, reporting, and verification systems are being established. 
  • Collecting data: Advising on data sources and collection for these key performance indicators. 
  • Advising on testing: Providing technical support for determining the type of testing required.  
  • Understanding results: Interpreting stove performance data on new ISO stove performance standards. 
  • Incorporating results: Integrating ISO stove test results into measurement, reporting, and verification frameworks. 


Claiming true impact

Guiding estimate-setting approaches so that the credits being claimed represent real-world emissions reductions. 

CCA has the following capabilities: 

  • Selecting methodologies: Guiding project developers on the relative merits of selecting different emission reduction methodologies. 
  • Calculating emissions: Calculating emissions reductions based on fuel consumption, fuel efficiency, emissions factors.  
  • Quantifying co-benefits: Guiding the fair and transparent measurement and quantification of potential co-benefits, such as health and gender-related impacts. 
  • Reviewing impact calculations: Confirming emission reduction or co-benefit calculations are accurate and ready for external review. 
  • Measuring, Reporting and Verifying: Supporting the development of comprehensive and sound Measurement, Reporting, and Verification frameworks associated with determining emissions reductions or co-benefits.