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Investor Resources

Welcome to the Investor Resource Pages!

This collection of curated content is designed to be helpful to investors that are new to the clean cooking sector, or are interested in sourcing a list of clean cooking companies to investigate further in their own due diligence processes. CCA will be managing the content of the site and updating it regularly.


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Business Model

In the ‘Business Models’ section, you will find short descriptions of the latest innovations that clean cooking companies are pioneering, overviews of the main clean cooking technologies and fuels that exist today, and a corresponding set of clean cooking companies. LEARN MORE


In the ‘Countries’ option, you will find relevant information on clean cooking policies, see companies that operate in these countries, and get an overview of the latest clean cooking information that is relevant to these countries. New countries and resources will appear as new research is conducted. LEARN MORE

Sector Trends

In the ‘Sector Trends’ section you will find the latest aggregated information on clean cooking companies including investment, revenues, profitability, and customer perceptions. LEARN MORE