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Demand Catalyst

The Demand Catalyst focuses on understanding consumers and driving demand.

The User Insights Lab

To massively scale demand and sustained use of clean cooking, enterprises, governments and clean cooking programs must rapidly innovate to deploy solutions that effectively solve problems for end users. Through CCA’s Clean Cooking Systems Strategy process, stakeholders identified the need for a User Insights Lab (UIL) to generate and integrate insights on users into clean cooking business models, product innovation, and policy making.

  • The UIL’s North Star: Tens of millions of new households accessing and using clean cooking solutions.
  • The UIL’s Approach: Combining human centered design, behavioral science, and action-based research to develop new data, tools, and capabilities to support a transformational shift to user-centered innovation in the clean cooking sector.
  • Have an idea? What user-related challenges should the UIL focus on? Do you have an idea or resource the UIL should know about? Please email us at

How the UIL is Surfacing User Insights

The UIL is conducting action-research projects to generate user insights that can drive adoption and sustained use of clean cooking, including:

Learn more about end users from CCA’s Reports & Tools database.

Building User Centricity in Your Organization

The UIL aims to support clean cooking enterprises, country governments, and other stakeholders to strengthen their organization’s user centricity. Based on UIL research and partnerships with clean cooking organizations, the UIL is identifying and testing actionable practices that organizations can take to become more user centric.

In 2023, the UIL is focusing on identifying pain points for customers of clean cooking enterprises, and supporting those enterprises to make changes that improve their customer experience. For example, the UIL is working with enterprises on an after sales design sprint to prototype new ways for enterprises to support their customers after their initial clean cooking purchase. Ultimately, the UIL seeks to ignite a transformation to fully customer-centric enterprises that gain competitive advantage by delivering more value for customers.

What the UIL Is Learning From Others

  • Applying Behavioral Science to Product: 10 Insights from 10 Years of Irrational Labs (link)
  • How to build a culture of customer centricity? Creative Confidence Podcast with Leslie Witt, Chief Product and Design Officer at Headspace Health (link)
  • The Role of Social Relations in the Adoption of Improved Cookstoves (Stockholm Environment Institute) (link)
  • The CGAP Customer-Centric Guide (link)
  • Help People Feel Good About the Decisions They’ve Already Made (InsideBE) (link)

What Are We Missing?

CCA is building a User Insights Hub to make user research more digestible for businesses and practitioners. Please email to share any resources we should add or organizations we should be learning from.