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Clean Cooking Delivery Units Network

National governments are the key to achieving universal access to clean cooking by 2030, but they cannot deliver on their aspirations alone.

In response, the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) established the Clean Cooking Delivery Units Network, a platform designed to provide tailored support to national governments seeking to achieve ambitious clean cooking transitions. CCA is partnering with governments in Africa and around the world to launch Clean Cooking Delivery Units, dedicated teams of clean cooking experts that report to presidential or ministerial leadership. In turn, CCA will provide the funding, technical support, and connections through a suite of Network services to ensure each Delivery Unit is successful. Through Delivery Units, governments will – for the first time – be empowered to coordinate clean cooking activities, policies, and programming to accelerate access at a national level. Furthermore, these Delivery Units will provide a springboard for emerging talent to build a career in public service and exercise leadership within their nations. 

CCA is proud to partner with the Government of Kenya to establish the inaugural Clean Cooking Delivery Unit in the Executive Office of the President of Kenya, which will be closely followed by a second Delivery Unit in the Executive Office of the President of Sierra Leone. Several additional sub-Saharan presidential offices are in active discussions to join the Delivery Units Network, which aims to establish at least 10 Delivery Units across Africa in the coming years.

Samiksha Nair, Chief Strategy Officer, Clean Cooking Alliance: The Delivery Units Network is an opportunity for CCA to support and amplify an African-led agenda on one of the continent’s most pressing climate and energy challenges. We look forward to working with Heads of State, Ministers, Climate Envoys and other leaders as they prioritize this issue and commit to delivering meaningful results at a national level.”  

Dymphna van der Lans, CEO, Clean Cooking Alliance: “Delivery Units are the backbone of wider progress. Government leadership and action can unlock public and private sector funding; facilitate clean cooking transitions that are equitable and inclusive of the poorest and most vulnerable populations; and enable markets to function for the private sector.” 

Hillary Clinton, CCA Leadership Council Honorary Chair and Former U.S. Secretary of State: “I wholly endorse the idea of creating and resourcing governmental clean cooking delivery units. I found when I was doing this work 11 years ago, if we hadn’t had dedicated people in the State Department pushing the rest of our government, there would have been interest, but there wouldn’t have been the constant day-to-day effort to make sure we were doing things, that we were trying to deliver results.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the Delivery Units Network. For more information in the meantime, please contact the CCA Strategy Team at: