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Clean Cooking Forum 2022

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What is the Clean Cooking Forum?
Why hold the Forum 2022 in Ghana? Why now?
Who is CCA working with in Ghana?
Where is the Forum 2022 being held?
Who should attend the Forum 2022?
What is the registration process?
I am experiencing technical issues with registration. Who should I contact?
What if I need to cancel my registration?
In the event that I am not able to attend the Forum anymore, can I transfer my registration to another individual within my organization?
Can I register for the Forum on-site?
What is the visa process?
What about COVID-19 precautions?
If I am a member of the press, can I obtain a press pass?
Are registration discounts available?
Is CCA offering scholarships for partners?
I would like to inquire about alternative forms of payment since I am not able to pay by credit card. Who can I contact to help facilitate this request?
Who should I contact for assistance on booking accommodation?
I would like to participate in the Innovation Expo. How can I indicate my interest?
What is the dress code for the Forum?